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Xetronik is at your service for all
   your projects, whatever their complexity!

"Turn-Key" Projects

Electronic design

• Feasibility study and drafting the specification development with the customer
• Cost evaluation
• Electronic circuit design
• Reverse Engineering
• BOM creation and Order parts for prototypes assembly
• Drawing of the electrical schematic
• Design of the printed circuit board (PCB)
• Design and testing of control firmware (MCU, CPLD / FPGA, etc.)
• Assembly of board prototype (SMT / SMD, Through Hole)
• Startup and testing of prototype(s)
• Design documentation
• Production transfert
• Technical support after the delivery of the prototype(s)

PCB Design Service

Library creation
• Design of symbols and geometries based on IPC standards.
• Management and hosting of libraries
Design and validation of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
• Schematic capture (flat / hierarchical architecture)
• Possible integration with EXCEL, ACCESS database
• High Speed-High Density projects
• Impedance Control / Critical delay and signals / Differential pairs / ESD
• Analog / Digital / Mixed signal / RF circuit
• Complete DRC report, DFM analysis, FDF (optional)
• Multilayer circuits, single / double sided
• Rigid, Semi-rigid and Flexible PCB
Accessible and integrated Documentation
• Entire documentation presented in a single file
• Schematic, PCB, BOM, assembly drawing, fabrication drawings, Gerbers

Technical Support

Xetronik was mandated to carry out technical support to customers of EDAForce inc., who is the eastern Canada supplier of the company Downstream Technologies. Downstream Technologies is the designer of the famous software named CAM350 and the new documentation tool called Blueprint PCB. Here is a brief summary of support services offered by Xetronik:

•  Technical Support on License installation;
•  Technical Support on basic/advanced software usage;
•  Hotline during troubleshooting (if necessary).

Target software:

CAM350, CAMvu, Blueprint PCB,
Blueprint Viewer.

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